Our Heavy Lifting Equipment div leading engineers have been working in this specific sector since early 1980s, in key roles of design and production of this kind of machines for different sectors, ensuring that our team can deliver top quality and effective machines, for a competitive price.

Our first worry is to meet customer expectation in terms of performance, usability and economy, then to support him in the after sales, never leaving him alone, to be proud of our relationship.


Meeting customer need better than our competitors: our company is brining innovative approach to the heaving lifting equipment sector, providing comprehensive solutions to our customers for an effective total solution, based on over 30 years’ experience of our personnel.

Civil sector


A know-how acquired over time allows us today to create customized products/projects for our customers.

Marine & Shipyard

Marine &

Travel-lift, boat trailers, tire trolleys and special cranes for handling any boat or parts.

Ports andspecial machinery

Ports and
special machinery

Special cranes on tires or rails for container and bulcky loads handling.

Machines for theIndustry logistics

Machines for the
Industry logistics

Special cranes on tires for the handling of any load on any type of ground.


over 30 years of consolidated experience in the industrial sector.


update in technological innovations and search for new markets.

Our offices

an established industrial reality with different locations in Italy.

Civil sector
Launching gantries, handling equipment for infrastructures and for precast yard.

Our equipment is for infrastructure construction, as bridges, viaducts, flyover, tunnels, dams, jetties, ports ect. tailor made machines made applying our experience on the specific customer’s project.

In our range of production:

  • launching gantries for segmental precast elements
  • beam launcher for “I” and “T” beams
  • full span launching gantries
  • tire trolleys
  • Mobilifts, straddle carriers for handling precast elements
  • special gantry cranes for shaft for tunnel constrcution
  • MSV multi service vehicles for tunnel construction

Launching gantry cranes for bridge, launching precast elements

/ Civil sector

Equipment for

/ Civil sector

Special cranes and trolleys for tunnel construction

/ Civil sector

Marine & Shipyard
Equipment for boat handling and vessel construction.

Travel-lift, marine hoist and boat trailers with a capacity up to 1300t and more, tailor made on customer needs, fast  and reliable to make any operation at the max efficiency.

Low carriers, tire trolleys, for transportation of boat segments inside the shipyard.

Goliath crane for boat segments assembly.

Jib cranes on rails for boat assembly.

Beside the traditional hydrostatic solution, diesel-hydraulic power pack, we offer innovative green solutions: electric machines with battery pack or fuel cells

A solution that can be appreciated for environmentally friendly needs as marinas/shipyards  that don’t want to disturb their guests and the surrounding and ports with target of low carbon pollution getting rid of fumes, oil leakage and noise.  

Travel-lift, tire trolleys and special cranes for boat

/ Marine & Shipyard

Cart for
the boat

/ Marine & Shipyard

Goliath cranes
for boat

/ Marine & Shipyard

Special cranes and innovative solutions for revamping – Carbon reduction solutions.

Our company can design and manufacure brand new SPECIAL machines for container handling and bulky loads, special because out the standard range offered on the market, just tailor made, in a short time and competitive price.

Especially Ship loader/unloader, level lugging cranes for any type of material.

We are specialist in the revamping as well, upgrading old machines structures and systems, applying last technologies, bring them to new life.

Our machines and solutions are carbon free sensitive to help the port to meet the today environmental restrictions.

Equipment for handling finished and semi-fished products or any heavy load.

Our gantry cranes on tires, called Mobilifts or straddle carriers, and low carriers can solve any problem related to the logistics of heavy loads because of their flexibility, handling and always customized to the specific need.

Our machines are self propelled hydrostatic or fully electric and controlled by remote control.

Our machines and solutions are highly efficient, carbon free sensitive to meet the highest environmental restrictions.

Over 60 years of experience serving the industry.

Thanks to a high-profile professional management, we are able to meet and interpret the needs of our customers to provide them with the best business solution. Teamnetwork also offers a platform of integrated services in industrial processes, in the real estate sector and in that of renewable energy.

Years of
A qualified

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